American Dream

Do y’all ever sit and play the “what if” game? Well, I usually don’t, but I have been the last couple days. I’ve been dreaming of the authentic American dream. Although, mine has been most definitely above and beyond just that lol.

Lately, mine has been about what my life would be like if I won the lottery. It started off with moving to the beach and starting over. Then I picked the house and let me tell you, I really picked the house. It’s 1.5 million dollars and 8000 square feet and I love it. And there’s a boat. I have to have boat at the beach lol. Yes, I know it’s silly and it will never happen but sometimes those daydreams are what keep me going.

After picking out all of the big things I got to thinking. If I won the lottery I would actually be able to grocery shop without looking at price tags. I could pick whatever I wanted without a budget and not have to worry if this would feed us for the next 2 weeks. And boy would that be a relief. My budget shopping consists of a lot of chicken because its cheap and I’m just about chickened out!

I know these things will never happen but it’s fun to dream. It makes me and my friends giggle. It’s a bright little spot in a sometimes dark day.

1 thought on “American Dream”

  1. I know what you mean. I have played the What If I Won The Lottery scenario several times in my head, especially a lot here lately. Here’s to us, dreamers!

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